THNK.GD – this domain name is FOR SALE


We’re proud to offer this PREMIUM 4-LETTER DOMAIN NAME for sale!

THNK.GD reads as “Thank God”, making it the ideal domain name for religious organizations, marketing and advertising campaigns. THNK.GD is arguably one of those rare domain names that speaks for itself.

The omission of vowels perfectly suits the current twitter/SMS era, yet nobody would ever doubt the true meaning of this abbreviation.

The use of the .gd-extension as replacement for a “real” word makes this name even more powerful. By using just 6-characters you can communicate a really strong message (“Thank God”), as well as the FULL domain name. This makes THNK.GD truly unique on the market!

The domain name can be used *without* a www-prefix, so people can just enter THNK.GD in their browser or smartphone to visit your site.

For religious organizations THNK.GD could offer a strong 21th-century way to communicate their message to the younger internet-generation, and for marketing and advertising purposes the possibilities are endless. How about THNK.GD as a URL-shortener?!

Nowadays meaningful 4-letter domain names are extremely rare, if they are available at all. This auction offers an one-of-a-kind opportunity to obtain -quite literally- one of the most meaningful domain name ever to be on sale, THNK.GD

The domain name THNK.GD is for sale! Please contact Ebridge ICT +31 85 00 33 400 or email us at sales (at)

De domeinnaam THNK.GD is te koop! Neem contact op met Ebridge ICT op (085) 00 33 400 of stuur ons een E-mail op sales (apestaart)